Monday, October 21, 2013

What If . . . ? Armageddon 1962

In July, I went to New York City to be interviewed for a documentary on the Cuban Missile Crisis.   It is called "What If . . . ? Armageddon 1962," and was created by NBC News for the Military History Channel, a Discovery Network channel.  Last week, Discovery flew me back to Washington, D.C. for the premiere, a panel, and dinner.   Four historians were involved in the documentary, all with books on the subject.  My book is When Angels Wept: A What-If History of the Cuban Missile Crisis.

I saw the documentary for the first time and am pleased with it.  I think it is well-done, accurate, and the narrative made it easy to tell the difference between real history and the counterfactual history.  The Military Channel has arranged a radio tour for me tomorrow morning, being interviewed on seven stations within about an hour and a half.  The combined listenership is about 450,000.

My book had already attracted some earlier attention.  It won the Sidewise Award for Alternate Fiction (long form) in 2010.  It was the partial basis for an earlier documentary, CloudsOverCuba, which is part of the John F. Kennedy Presidential Library web site.  That documentary just won a News and Documentary Emmy Award.  This article in the British history magazine All About History is an interview with me about the same subject.

The documentary airs on Tuesday evening on The Military Channel, which 195 on The Dish, 287 on DirecTV, and 112 on Comcast.  It will air at 10 PM (EST), 9 PM (Central), 8 PM (Mountain), and 7 PM (Pacific).

Posted: 21 October 2013

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